Risk management is the sum of activities directed towards recognizing, assessing and monitoring risks be it for companies, at the group level or for individual employees.

Corporate Governance is the set of behavioural rules required for successful business leadership. This entails the entire structural and process oriented organisation of a company and is closely connected to risk management.

We offer you a series of support services in these areas, such as:

Organization Regulations and Policies

We enhance and strengthen your existing framework towards modern organisational directives tailored to the market-requirements of your company. It’s our goal to bring your internal control system in line with the legal requirements - optimised and profitable.

Work Instructions and Process Plans

We document your process plans and formalize your work instructions into a clear and concise format. Your benefits will be threefolded:

  • An increased transparency concerning the allocation of resources
  • The recognition of process and system dependencies
  • The identification of effective check points

Control Documentation

We create the right level of documentation to support you with the execution of control duties. The main elements are:

  • Definition of control objectives and implementation of control activities
  • Definition of control evidence
  • Definition and implementation of key performance indicators
  • Various reporting (i.e. risk radar, heat map, risk inventory) to the responsible control instances (management, executive committee, board of directors etc.)

Outsourcing Control Activities

Depending on the size of your company and/or the complexity of your business processes, it pays to outsource the risk monitoring and reporting activities to BB Trust Ltd. As your specialized and reliable partner, we act independently in your interest reporting directly to the instances in charge.


We also gladly provide training and coaching on risk management to individuals as well as entire organizations, sharing with you our expertise. This can be carried out in singular training sessions, periodically or in form of coaching.