Tax advice


Our Clients

We provide advice to individuals and businesses both in and outside Switzerland; our service is personalized, comprehensive and independent.

Our Services

We provide advice and planning in all tax matters and place an emphasis on achieving the most tax effective solutions

Tax Returns / Tax Declarations

We prepare tax returns, including intercantonal and international tax allocations. We also provide these services for individuals who own property in Switzerland.

Lump Sum Tax Agreements

We advise and submit lump sum tax agreements, primarily for non-Swiss individuals moving to Switzerland

Financial Investments

We advise and plan domestic and international investments for clients with special consideration given to the Swiss and international tax implications of such investments.

Tax assessments and appeal procedures

We represent our clients in dealings with the tax authorities and in judicial matters.

Tax agent services

We provide tax agent services for our clients and remove the need for our clients to deal directly with the tax authorities.

Inheritance and gift tax advisory services.

We provide comprehensive advice in inheritance and gift tax matters, particularly in respect of the drafting of wills, publicly documented dispositions by will as well as inheritance and gifting contracts.We also provide inheritance tax planning services for non-Swiss individuals in connection with a planned change of place of residence or in connection with property located in Switzerland with consideration given to the double tax agreements with Switzerland concerning inheritance and gift taxes.

Acting as executor of an estate

We provide executor services in respect of an estate for clients.